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I'd love to meet you at the studio or in a private lesson. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or if you're anxious to try your first down dog, I am here for you. It's a journey and I'm right by your side!


7:15 AM | Highland Yoga, Virginia Highland Location

7:30 PM | Highland Yoga, Buckhead Location

6:00 AM | Highland Yoga, Buckhead Location

8:15 AM | Highland Yoga, Buckhead Location

4:45 PM | Highland Yoga, Buckhead Location

6:15 PM | Highland Yoga, Buckhead Location


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My Yoga Journey


I took a yoga DVD with me to Italy during my study abroad semester. 5 months in Florence, Italy and your physique is bound to expand due to the incredible pizza, pasta, and gelato.

So, I planned ahead and brought my favorite yoga DVD, purchased from Target. I figured it was better than nothing!

While practicing in the living room one evening, my roommate asked me if I'd ever been to CorePower in Minneapolis. I had not, but was instantly curious as she told me simply, "I think you'd like it!"

Turns out, CorePower offers a free week of yoga and a variety of classes including vinyasa, sculpt, and bikram "hot" yoga. I went as soon as I got home and I. Was. Addicted.

I joined CorePower right away and became a yoga junkie, attending classes 5+ times a week. 

Meanwhile, I graduated college. I took a job working as a graphic designer for a company in St. Paul and it just didn't do it for me. Every day I dreaded going to my job, thinking about the yoga classes that awaited me at 5:30.

So, after a year of the everyday grind, I took a plunge. A big one.



I found an incredible 200 hour yoga teacher training program in India at Kranti Yoga. I told my parents that I'd figure out my job later. And off I went.

6 weeks in India taught me a lot - about myself, about yoga, and about the simplicity of happiness.

I returned to Minneapolis and started teaching right away. As you may know, teaching yoga isn't a walk in the park. It took me several months to find my groove. Shoutout to my first students who were so patient and kind while I worked through the jungle of teaching yoga.



In 2017, my partner Alex and I picked up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Here, I am teaching at the incredible Highland Yoga.

Teaching yoga has changed everything. My perspective on life has shifted and continues to shift. My mind is continuously opening to new ideas, new people, and new ways to think. 



After years of working several corporate jobs while teaching several classes a week, I finally made strides toward my dreams: teaching six classes a week and working part-time in a corporate marketing job. Balance.